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Memes You Fell For; Memes That Work


Self-explanatory. Can be fitness related or not, who cares.

Meme I fell for: “semblance of abs” as a valid indicator of leanness.
Meme that works: baby wipes while bulking (actually, anything less is now barbaric to me, regardless of goal).

Meme I fell for: hydrolyzed anything.
Meme that works: patience and faith in the process.


Meme I fell for: he who cares least, wins.
Meme that works: spending less time listening to jabronis on the Internet and more time putting myself out there.


Are we saying hydrolyzed things are not good things? I like hydrolyzed things. Plazma is great.

meme I fell for: no pain no gain

meme that works: steroids are magic

joking but only kinda.


All I’m saying is that I didn’t pack on 27 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks, nor did I ever accidentally get into contest shape from consuming hydrolyzed products.

I’ve found the “no pain, no gain” myth to be even more true for mobility work, with my best gains coming from staying right at the periphery of my comfort zone for most things.


I did, and it also put three inches on my penis.

As a serious answer, nothing will do any of that. Blasting a gram of test a day won’t do that.

It probably helps marginally (never seen any studies on it, and they probably don’t exist either), but nowhere near what is claimed. Supplement companies make money off of over hyping something that at best adds 1% to your gains, which if you are Stan Efferding and have the money to buy your own hyperbaric sleep chamber then it makes sense to get the best. If not, then after a decent protein, creatine, and fish oil spending some quality time at a sauna or getting deep tissue massages are much better uses of your money for cost:reward. Or, you know, taking some test and SERMs for the same cost of some supplements.


“Pain in weakness leaving the body”
-Marine Corps

Lo fuckin l


Vascularity in the quads or arms.

“I’m 20 percent body fat”, said every permabulker regardless of true bf percentage. :grinning:


Is that a meme that you fell for, or one that works?

Or, dare I say it, is it both? =P


Hey! I resemble that remark! I’m probably closer to 30 though.


Lol… Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective…


At least you’re honest. Do you train bodybuilding or powerlifting style or for general fitness?


5/3/1 BBB but play around with strongman implements. I want to get stronger, look like I lift and be <15% for health reasons. I gain weight by walking past food I swear. 36" waist, 44" chest, 17" neck, 15" arms. Basically the most unaesthetic person on this site lol.


As long as you’re exercising. You can get to 15 percent easily.


Train for performance/like an athlete/like a powerlifter, and everything will fall into place. You know, like if you raise your 1 RM in the big three, then your physique will look better and you’ll have a bigger strength ceiling to work with.

Gee, only after realizing I’m not suited for powerlifting training (that is, it makes me feel like shit), and that the vast majority of decent (not even great) bodybuilders don’t do this!


Nice. I’m a big believer in "success leaves clues."
If you see someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, learn from them and mimic what you can. That’s a meme that worked for me by the way.

Meme I fell for: “You need to change your mindset.” “BE positive!” etc…

Turns out you can’t change your personality. It’s 75% set by age 5 or so. You can however practice mindful awareness. You can watch your thoughts flow by and decide which ones have value and which ones don’t. Your thoughts are the product of your mind, they don’t define who you are.