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membership sales anyone?

I know this is probably not a cool topic to talk about on this forum but does anyone here work in the membership sales dept. of any health clubs and if so could you give me an idea on the typical base pay + commission you receive? I have been approached by a gym owner to do some consultative management and sales work and just wanted to get an idea on what type of pay rate to propose. Thanks

What type of club is it??? Is it plushy like a Equinox in NYC or a LA sports culb or is it like a Health club like a NYSC or Bally’s?

The reason I ask is that base pay is low usually $6-$7 dollars an hour and commision depending what type of club it is for example if its a plusier club you get about $100 dollars per sale and if its a club like NYSC probably around $50 a sell… Good Luck in your endovor in the fitness feild…

Fitone basically covered it. It’s about $7 per hour base and then about $50-$100 per sale. If you were to work in a busy location with a lot of people flow, you can actually make decent money. Good luck!

thanks guys. It’s not a fancy club whatsoever and in fact would suffer compared to a typical golds world gym, etc.