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Member Rules For Rate My Physique


Lets all add to this one

First Rule.....This is not My Space, Bodyspace, and so on.

Second Rule.....Rating photo requirements are
1) Wheels (legs)
2) Back
3) The rest is up to you.

Third Rule......List diet/training info. Drop the internet
weights and tell the truth.

5ft11 240lbs 18yrs of Training
Progress Pics
4 Month Cut, Lost 15 lbs.
21 Year Old 1 Year Transformation
Cutting from 229 to 216
Heavy Hip Thrusting
5'9 189

no more hand-held cell phone pics thru your damn bathroom mirror!


Needs atleast one front upper body pose, be that most muscular/front double bi ect.

Needs atleast one back pose, be that a lat spread/back double bi.

Needs atleast one shot of your legs.

The more standard poses you do, the better.

Unless you have 4-5 pictures of standard poses please spare us the myspace shot where you show us your abs.

This is not hot or not, this is not myspace, you won't have 15 year old girls trying to suck your dick because you're a lean 150. This is a BODYBUILDING site, and unless you look like you have been lifting for at least a year, go ahead and don't post your pictures.

There are other forums, if you haven't been lifting very long, go ahead and skip this, use the beginner forum.

If you have less than 20 posts it screams "deuchebag who wants an ego boost" to post a thread here, especially if you don't include diet/training/stats. I don't care if you're ronnie coleman, you need to contribute something before posting your pictures for people to judge.

This leads me to my last one, include all the statistics you can.

How long have you been lifting? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? What are your goals? Are you natural? How much do you lift? What does your diet look like? How about your training?

If your lifts are good include videos as some one will probably call you on them.


List of acceptable threads/not acceptable threads. Keep in mind some not acceptables are probably trolls.

NOT acceptable

oddly.. acceptable http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2140492

iffys get responses but acceptables are preferred

You get the point.


This is bad


This is good


Yeah, I can't believe some people. I have been reading here for awhile and lifting my ass off for 2.5 years and I still have no desire to post a RMP thread. I know I am nothing special yet. "yet" :D.... gotta keep on keepin on.


Good thread. It's going to be like pissing on a forest fire to enforce it, but good thread nonetheless.


Why is this one "not acceptable?"




probably because it's sideways


Look, whats the purpose of a rating forum if everyone has to be incredibly perfect? Isn't the very POINT of a rating forum to rate physiques accordingly.

People that don't lift = 1 physique

Looks like you lift, but still relatively small with low definition = 3

Good definition, okay muscle size = 5

Big, with some or a lot of definition = 7

Ripped, big, and stage worthy = 9

We all get at least some entertainment from people making fools of themselves. Remember the Shoe man?

Anyway, for people that are actually serious about getting a good score -- everything you guys mentioned should be included in a RMP thread.

I still say let democracy take its natural course. Maybe we'll get another eliteballa.
You remember this guy don't you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yf2okRpAe0


Accidentally posted it twice, it was correctly listed under "acceptable" aswell, thanks for pointing that out.


Excellent post. Pretty much says it all.

[EDIT:] This thread should be stickied.



but I agree with Cortes, its going to be a bastard to enforce.


no rating physiques if you don't have any pics posted


I was wondering the same thing :wink: Thanks for the correction :wink:

And, I love these rules, and guess which one I love the most? The leg pic rules....thank goodness!!!!!!!



Warning Click if you have a strong stomach

It seems as though this one hasn't read this thread, he broke the first rule.


It is very funny to read the threads. I am obviously new, and unlike others who take ugly pics of their skinny ass bodies...I actually did the reading to find out what kind of mess I'd get myself into LOL.


I second you in the 1st and 2nd rules.

about the 3rd.. it is rate my physique and not rate my lift/diet :wink:, nice info but not mandatory


Adding lifts/diet/looking for info makes this into a somewhat useful forum, instead of being hotornot.com where people post to have people raise their ego