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Guy's I thought this would be a place where new ideas/experiments stemming from Thibs' work and principles could be posted. Detailing reflections from phases of training,what you'd do differently, and hell, an example of a session that you did.

5 weeks of the push/hips powerbuilding program
*thoughts- I adpated quickly to the frequency and volume of training
*Conventional deadlift 15lb increase- My problem is off the floor. Maybe if i used a deficit deadlift or snatch grip first with continuous ramp into deadlift, things could have been different.
*I didnt see to have a noticeable difference in the top weight being used in upper body pressing- I either could get it without grinding or it wasnt going up- this could have been due to not increasing volume 'intentionally' from week to week or from not performing enough work on a given day and not applying a great enough stimulus to have varied performance day to day.

I know a lot of you guys have been applying Thibs' principles or already trained using a similar training philosophy.
So who's next up to share?

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general thought-

when doing prescribed volume in a mass gain phase- say 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps,

I will use straight weight and start with reps of 6.
I will only perform reps that go up under my control- not fighting against it
If I feel noticeably weaker from one set to the next I will stop the exercise
If 4 reps dont go up strong I will stop the exercise
If I hit 6 sets, I will increase the weight next time.

I take little rest between sets >45s on upper, >60secs with lower body. I find that If I rest any longer, A weight that I can dominate at the start always seems to get 6sets of 6 with.


Just want to start off by saying that i'm not trying to bastardize CT's program, His wealth of knowledge that he shares with us is extremely appreciated. I believe that taking great ideas and experimenting with them is how we make some real break throughs.

I decided to play around with the "mass or hypertrophy phase", I'm going to try a little variation on the HP Mass theory, with Day 1 being the traditional 3 rep wave loading scheme, then day 2 using a 6 rep wave loading scheme, adding a set of 6 at max weight each week instead of adding a whole other wave series (too keep volume in check). All the same principals apply ie: perfect reps, Speed on every rep.

3 reps- based off a 5 rep max
6 reps- based off a 8 rep max

Sled Pushes
Day 1- 20 yard increments
Day 2- 40 yard increments

All accessory work still added in


I agree. I dont think that anyone (that follows CT's work close enough) is bastardizing his programs, if anything Thibs is trying to TEACH people to fish. the programs that he puts out for people work because they are based on solid principles and are tried and true. The more experimentation (in the confines of a set of determined principles is how we get closer to optimal training.

Sounds interesting mag, let us know how you get on with that.

Question- How much do peoples performance vary session to session when autoregulating there training to a point where they notice a decrease in performance/drive.

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