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This is sortof off topic - there are sites out
there that are promoting penis-enlargement and greater sex drive with special herbal pills - anybody come across any of these sites -
has anybody had any experience with these - I’m
thinking who wouldn’t want a larger member if it was that easy - anybody?

I wouldn’t. Of all the parts of me that I’m the happiest with that’s the one.

Well I think we all know who has a small wiener now. HAHAHA.

Yeah, i’ve seen the sites and ad’s in magazines. One of them offers a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. So why not?? Most are just scams trying to get you to buy their “Special exercise instructions”. Come on, yanking my weiner is not going to make it longer. Because if that was true I’d be plenty long by now!!!

The ONLY proven way to make your weiner longer is to tie a 45 pound plate to it and then do jumping jacks. Don’t be mislead by those chemical enlargers. Let us know how the plate works out for you. It never fails.

Gram, try this link: www.penisenlargementmagasine… .gement-test.htm