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Melvin Manhoef

Gotta love how they do things in japan. no commissions. I can’t believe he still got cleared for that fucking fight.

Remy Bonjasky v. Melvin Manhoef where he got the injuries from:

The Fight he just won:


That’s a little fuckin’ nuts

his balls are the size of an ice cream truck

The only guy who could get away with a name like Melvin is one who has that much guts.

Rock on Melvin.

hes def gonna make some noise in that already stacked division

Bonjasky beat the fuck out of Manhoef. Good fight though, anybody who hasn’t seen it watch the link Xen gave. I really like Melvin, for all his faults the guy can bang like an animal. Pound for pound one of the hardest hitters out there. I’d love to see him in the UFC someday.