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Meltodown I & EDT Problems

Anyone have any problems with your tris because of all the pressing on Meltdown I? There are 6 pressing movements per week on this! Bench presses on days 1 and 3. Push-press and dips on days 2 and 4! I should have realized this before attempting, but the triceps (and shoulders for that matter) are getting hit HARD on back to back days, twice a week! Under the prescribed loading of using your 8-12RM, this is entirely too much on the tris and shoulders! Anyone else have trouble with this???

While I’m at it, I’ve also tried the EDT (Lose the Fat Keep the Strength; for Body Comp Breakthroughs) to no avail as well. Has anyone found this to be extremely taxing while on a calorically restricted diet??? The volume on this program is just rediculous. I’m all for keeping my strength up while cutting, but I would barely be able to get recovered on a bulking diet, let alone a cutting diet!

I know the problem is not with my diet as my calories and protein are on point, so that’s not the problem.

I’m just very disappointed in these programs as I have been following them verbatim and I would like to continue to trust Charles Staley. I’m all for trying new things and even training through soreness, but I’m finding that these program just aren’t designed very well.

Any thoughts/suggestions???


Hi topsirloin,
I have tried EDT lose the fat keep the strength. I found the volume too high and there were too many isolation exercises prescribed. workouts took too long aswell. After two weeks i decided to make some changes. I got rid of the final PR zone and filled the remaining PR zones with more valuable movements such as squats, chins, rows, good mornings, close grip bench presses etc. I decided to keep the first fifteen minute segment of the workout being based around a compound exercise performed for as many heavy singles as possible in fifteen mins. I also stuck with the idea of the convergent phase training (CPT). I found that this worked very, very well. I was able to strip off fat and also increase the amount of weight lifted at the same time. A fifteen minute PR zone consisting of squats and overhead DB presses will also do wonders for your aerobic conditioning.
Hope this is of some help to you.


I’m currently doing Meltdown I. I’ve altered the workout schedule a bit since I can only get to the gym 3 days a week. Instead of doing each workout 2x a week (workout 4 days a week), I alternate so that over a 2 week period, I do each workout 3x.

Week 1:
M - Day 1 workout
W - Day 2 workout
F - Day 1 workout

Week 2:
M - Day 2 workout
W - Day 1 workout
F - Day 2 workout

I don’t know if this helps or not, but using this setup, I’m not having the problems that you described.

I guess it may be dependent on your body. I had no problem w/overload on my tri’s. I did however turn into jello after the DL’s in each rotation. I was using Berardi’s Don’t Diet approach. I could see how a low carb diet would be difficult on such a program.

Thanks for the feedback fellas! I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to “personally adjust” these workouts.

I totally agree that the EDT had WAY too many isolation movements as well. I too liked the PR zone of singles, but I didn’t care for the 3 circuit-like PR zones. I like to have a prescribed number of sets, reps, and rest. When all 3 are totally variable, I found it near impossible to record each and every set/rep and then beat it the next time. I ended up just hitting 8x5 then 8x6 the next workout, with 60 seconds rest between supersets. That way I was increasing the work load each week as prescribed, but also making the workout much easier to follow.

As for the Meltdown, it’s funny because I was just about to split it into 3 days per week, setting it up with an oscillating two-week cycle. 121 then 212. My thoughts exactly! Of course placing at least 48 hours recovery between workouts (tris and shoulders will thank me). Also, I will mention that I added some semi-HIIT after each session, since they only last 10-12 minutes. I would walk for 90s then run for 30s on the treadmill for 6-8 intervals. This makes the total workout between weights and cardio a good 30-35 minutes, therefore a better calorie burn. Then, I alternate very low-intensity 45-60 minutes of cardio on opposite days.

Thanks again fellas,


I have been doing the EDT for two weeks and have experienced the same problems. The singles PR and the 3 PR zones are just too much for me on a calorie deficit. By the time I begin the 3rd PR I am wiped out. I toyed with shorting the PRs to 10 min but don’t feel I am getting the full benefit of EDT. I have decided to make the third PR optional depending on how I feel. I am keeping the 1st two zones with compound lifts.