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Melting Point?

I just received my shipment of Surge. I noticed that on the label it says to store it away from heat, moisture, and light. Of course, most supplements state this for obvious reasons. But it reminded me of the fact that where I live we have plenty of those elements. With no air conditioning and gradually rising temps (over 100 degrees at times in the summer), would it help to refrigerate my supplements? I order a lot of Biotest supps at a time and want to ensure that my Androsol, Grow, Advanced Protein, and Surge and other supps don’t get ‘denatured’. For example, proteins in general and especially the hydrolysate in Surge being thermosensitive. Would refrigerating them help or hurt? Input from the bio/chemistry minded would be appreciated.

Bill, if you could spare a minute, I would really appreciate an answer to this question.