Melted Rubber in Oil

Hey guys i recently joined T-Nation and i have a problem with some of my gear. It seems that due to some storage issues the rubber stoppers have melted into my gear (test e and equip). I understand its probably a huge pain in the ass to separate rubber from oil but i am willing to do whatever because i have probably $2000 worth having this issue. Any thoughts on a separation process?

Can you describe how the stoppers melted into the oil??

[quote]anime wrote:
Can you describe how the stoppers melted into the oil??[/quote]

Thats what I was wondering. Sounds like heat and a lot of it and that cant be good

I wouldnt use it man. An abcess removal will cost you a whole lot more than 2gs. Explain more though wat happened maybe a pic

tha fuck?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
tha fuck?[/quote]

exactly what I was thinking. This situation has got disaster written all over it. Throw that shit out

Has the rubber actually dissolved into solution?

Some options: filtering and spinning to separate the rubber.
Or you can try to find some way to separate out the anabolic, then make a new mixture.