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I am about to start Meltdown for fat burn. I have a question about this. Is Meltdown supposed to be a program on its own or just to replace cardio? Meaning, when on Meltdown, should I just do Meltdown or add the weight training program I’m doing right now to it? (In my case, it’ll be two full body workouts).

I searched for this answer everywhere but couldn’t find the answer. I think doing both will be a bit too much (not much rest) but I think just doing Meltdown will not get me much stronger (although I’m sure meltdown alone will be a tough workout).

What are your stats and what is your primary goal at this time?

Do the first week of Meltdown with no other training, then comeback and tell me if you think you can add another workout to it.

If you are using the amount of resistance recommended - there is no way you can call this program a supplement.

It hurts like hell.