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I was wondering if you guys think I could do the Meltdown II then do Meltdown I. I did the first Meltdown for about 4 weeks then I went on vacation and took about 6 days off compelety from training. So I want to try Meltdown II and if I want to lose more body fat go back to the first one. What is everyones opinion? Thanks

My opinion? Don’t do Meltdown alltogether.

Joel, you’re a smart guy and have made a great contribution to this forum, but please don’t bash Alessi and Meltdown every freakin time the subjects come up. Meltdown works, period, no matter how many 5 x 5 studies you quote. So, why don’t you write up your 5 x 5 fat loss training program and submit it to T-mag? That would be good because more people could try both and draw their own conclusions (if TC and Chris accept the article.) Cool?

As for the original question, if you’ve only been off 6 days, then go ahead and use Meltdown II. You won’t be totally de-trained after that short amount of time.

Outta curiousity how were your results?

Meltdown works, Tek answered your question straight forward. watch the diet.

I’ll just stay away from the Meltdown-related threads…You are right, I have expressed my opinion; should someone ask me specifically for training advice while dieting, I will do my best to relay to them what I believe to be the best way to go about things. If they don’t ask, then I’ll keep out.

However, If I see someone doing EDT or GMT on a cutting cycle; i'm going to have to say something.

As far as the article is concerned; it might not be a bad idea. I'm trying to contribute to the Testosterone audience as much as possible with some ideas and/or methods that they may not be familiar with. Right now, I got one article in and TC approved...should be in a not so distant mag.

I apologize if I seem anti-Alessi...I'm not, just happen to have different views than him on this particular subject. In any event, I wont post much anymore in regards to the subject.

Keep posting Joel, you got some good info and ideas. I’d hate to loose such a helpful hand.

As far as EDT goes, do you think that it is the most effective choice for hypertrophy training? I train mostly for strength but I’m a small guy so I will typically do 4 weeks of pure hypertrophy training two or perhaps three times a year (I’m pretty much eating a bulking diet the whole year).

Yes, EDT is a hypertrophy program.

Joel I think you’re correct in that using meltdown training program #1 during a cutting cycle is not the best idea, especially if someone is doing a low carb diet. However, I think that a good look needs to be taken at the difference between Meltdown 1 and 2. The second program uses much heavier weights and is really a totally different program in regard to energy system usage. I think this program could be used during a cutting cycle with good results, although the volume and the rest periods could be adjusted somewhat to fit the persons experience and caloric deficit.