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I want to try meltdown, but due to my work schedule I can get to a gym with a squat rack and barbells on Thurs - Sun only. That means I probably have to do the meltdown training by alternating days 1 & 2 back to back 4 days straight and do maybe a session of moderate cardio on Tuesday if I’m up to it.

I plan to use MD6 (mostly to suppress appetite since I can’t take large enough dosage to lose a lot of fat – only 1 pill twice a day is all I can handle), Methoxy-7, Surge, T2-Pro, PowerDrive, and ZMA. My diet will be keto or t-dawg.

Do you think I might overtrain by doing meltdown 4 days straight? Any thoughts? The only thing I can access from Mon-Wedneday is dumbbells and treadmills. Thanks.

Do not do the 4 meltdown workouts for 4 days in a row. All of the exercises can be modified to support dumbell variations. Obviously day 2 would be the best option if you only have access to dumbells, but even day 1 can be modified appropriately. Maybe hit day 1 on Thurs, Sun and Day 2 on Friday and Mon or Tues.