Meltdown vs. German Comp

In 2001 Don Alessi introduced T-Nationers to Meltdown training. This program was designed to add or keep muscle while at the same time lose fat. this was a first and if anyone tried this program they know it was both excruciating and effective.I personally destroyed Surge during this program. Now Charles Poliquin has re-introduced his German Body comp program as the first program that is devoted to weight training as the primary source of fat loss. His book just came out and consists of doing mid-range exercises (squats,deads, etc.) in circuit or supersetting fashion. Although I haven’t seen the finished product it sounds very similar to Alessi’s Meltdown program. 2 Years later!!! Even though Alessi’s was never a book it definantly came first. WAY FIRST! Just wanted to set the record straight. Lift hard, Lift smart, and just lift,dammit!!!

Charles wrote a book on GPC a least 5 years ago if not more. It was titled “Manly Weight Loss”. I suspect that his new book is more or less a reprint of this one. So I would say that Charles brought this type of training to the public first, however neither Charles nor Don invented it.

Not that I am a big supporter of Charles Poliquin or anything, but if what we’re trying to do here is set the record straight, then here it is: Poliquin originally introduced his German Body Comp idea in a book called “Manly Weight Loss” which was published in 1998. I imagine his current German Body Comp book is an updated version of “Manly Weight Loss,” which is no longer in print.

See also TC’s “Bowlful of Jelly” article which came in at the end of 1999.

Both programs are based on the same concept and are very similar.
There both effective but truthfully your diet is the key, any training program will help your lose fat.