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Meltdown Vs. GBC

Greetings, fellow T-maggers. To those of you who have done both Meltdown and German Body Comp, do you have a preference as far as faster fat loss? I’ve done GBC with astounding results, but I am intrigued by this Alessi guy. I don’t really want to be puking in front of everyone at the gym very badly, however, and with my current cardiovascular conditioning state, this may be a possibility. Thoughts?

I am on my third week of Meltdown training, and so far I have achieved fair results. I have lost a couple of percentage points off my BF and only a small decrease in overall body weight. I have yet to try GBC and was wondering also what others think about this

Teddy, i have used German Body Comp with decent results. so far, the meltdown is really kicking my arse. i have to say that i like both programs and i feel like i will get just as good results with meltdown as i did with GBC. a question for you. did you create some more work outs or use the three workouts that TC supplied. i was going to purchase the manly weight lose book but was told by someone that it was mostly advertisements for different products. if you did create some more workouts, if you would, i would appreciate to know what different exercises you included or changed. i followed the ones provided by TC and did not create any others.

Farm Boy, I have the Manly Weight Loss book and I pretty much stuck with the Beginner program (MWF), which is very similar to T-Mag’s program. In Poliquin’s book as you get more advanced he recommends working up to 4 and 5 days/week, but there’s no way I could’ve done this, especially considering I used GBC in conjunction with a low-carb diet. And yes, the book is a joke overall…not talking about the program but the supplement and diet recommendations. SportPharma must’ve supplied him with some great hookers. I have to say that I have really been disappointed with Poliquin’s books. If I would’ve known that Poliquin Principles was simply reprints of MM2K articles, I never would’ve purchased it.

Thanks for the reply. I have been hearing that most of his book was MM2 reprints. Live long and carry your own puke bucket to the gym if you go the meltdown route. brother, it’s damn tough.

I have done the germanbodycomp for three years with great success until this year, and no matter how much loner I made my workouts, it didnt help. I was baffled and frustrated as hell. I bought the manly weight loss book after reading the alessi article, but it is copyrighted98’ and the publishing company says there are no plans for an updated version. That blows major if poliquin’s current thinking is to do the slow concentric. The one advantage to the book is that I saw that charles recomended longer and more frequent workouts than I had been using. I do remember getting more of a burn with gbc before this year and that may be the answer. If the vast difference in the length and complexity of poliquin’s routines in his book verse those proffered in t-mag are any indication, it leads me to wonder if the same holds true for alessi. I would think that if you combined charles advanced gbc workouts into giant sets and added a lenghtened concentric component, you could to an extent combine the two. What do you think? I could send you some samples of ‘similiar’ manly weight loss routines so that you could see there is quite a bit more training info in the book.