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Meltdown & Velocity Diet

Has anyone tried Meltdown and the Velocity Diet at the same time? How did it work out for you?

Do you think you would eventually start losing muscle? If so at what point? Or do you feel just the opposite?

I would stay away from Meltdown and the V-Diet.
You’re going to find that you will get light-headed when on the V-diet and working out; couple that with meltdown and you might pass out. You’ll just burn out too fast…
You’re better off just doing lots of low-moderate cardio.

Anyone else care to ring in on the topic

calories are already very low…just folow the workout and diet as Shugs posted it…dont mess with it…he obviously researched it and planned things for a reason (re-read it and he explains) likelyhood is ul mess up and burn out and have to start again! eitha try meltdown training with T-Dawg2 or Velocity Diet as posted. thats my opinion

I wouldn’t recommend that combination at all. Too few carbs on the V-diet to do such an intensive workout as Meltdown.

Sounds like a challenge

I damn near quit doing the Clean-to-shoulder press on Wed because I was getting light headed… 10x3 is killer.

[quote]carthagebaseball wrote:
Sounds like a challenge[/quote]

It’s not a challenge, it’s a warning. Are you not reading these posts correctly? If you want to lose a tonne of muscle while dieting, by all means go ahead and give’r. But if you plan on holding onto that hard earned muscle, go the smart way and approach it as displayed.