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Meltdown traning Question

Hi, I’m 169lbs at 9% bodyfat(futrex). I’ve a chubby look because I’ve do some water retention when I using androsol. I’m planning to do the meltdown training. I read many goods comments about the training like “gaining 5 pound of lbm and lost 7 pound of fat…”
The questions is : Is this 5 pound gained water retention or REAL STEAK(fiber)?

thank a lot

Up please

You get maybe a pound of water retention from Androsol, maybe. Perhaps you’re just chubby? :slight_smile: Yes, Meltdown is a great program. Brutal if you do it right. I’ve heard some say it’s too easy but I can only wonder if they’re using the slow concentrics and timing the rest periods - or lack of rest periods- correctly. It’s wicked when done as Alessi suggests. Lastly, remember that water rentention or loss is mainly a function of what you’re eating.

any muscle gains are going to encompass some water gain as muscle has a high proportion of water content, what you are talking about is either a)hyperhydration due to some form of substrate i.e glycerol or creatine which causes a cell volumising effect or b)water loss that occurs due to weight loss not weight gain so I feel you have it the wrong way round.
The type of gains you are likely to get from meltdown training is one of cytoplasmic hypertrophy as oppossed to myofibrilar hypertrophy, which just essentially means that the cytoplasm of the cell will expand so as to allow greater anaerobic metabolism to occur rather than additional contractile proteins.

I know what I’m talking about.
I pass from 165 to 172.
I decrease carbo because the water retention was extremely high. I’m now at 169. My measuremnt say that this 4 pound gained is 2 pound fat, 1.5 water retention and .5 pound muscle.
That it !

Have a nice day !


British lifter: thank for your complex answer :slight_smile:
Anyone can say me if it’s “OK” to add 2 short peck training during the off day of Meltdown traning. The reason is that meltdown traing don’t have peck exercises.
I’ve now a good peck and I don’t want loose it.

Looking at meltdown training you have two exercises to work the pecs a)push ups and b) dips, any inclusion of more pec work will probably just drain you more as you will be in some form of a calorie deficiet any way due to this is a ‘cutting’ program. My advice would be to just make sure when doing the push ups to have your arms 90 degrees from your body so as to recruit the pecs most