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Meltdown Training?

I want to start meltdown training to lose fat. I am now at 193 lbs and about 12% bf. I just dont know which meltdown version to use. I think the part 2 is out because I have never done olympic lifts before. so which is better for fat loss and muscle gain? thanks guys.

Both will get th job done if you put the work and intensity in Pick the one that will allow that


I like the fact that part 1 has the interval training in it, but I also like that part 3 has direct arm workouts so I am conflicted. If I could do interval training with part 3 that would be awesome what do you guys think.

Interesting. After reading that article on meltdown training, I could not find if the weights you use should be your 10 rep max, ar your 12 rep max or whatever.

I’m assuming 10 rep max would be too heavy to do all 4 movements with little rest…