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Meltdown Training

Hey everyone,

I’m planning on starting Meltdown Training soon. I noticed that the author writes that you should perform each of the two routines twice a week. Does this mean peforming the routine two days in a row, or should I do it one day on/one day off? It just seemed like it might be too tiring to perform two days in a row. Thanks.


People are too anal about following programs exactly. I’m sure Don Alessi would say that every other day is fine. Trust me, it’s brutal enough that an extra day’s rest probably won’t change the effects. When I did it, I did it MTTF, but I think every other day is probably better.

PublicStews is right. Don’t get anal over the deal. I’m getting ready to start this program as soon as my power rack gets here. Listen to your body as well as you follow the program.

It’s called cybernetic periodization. It just means that if you feel overtrained, then back off. That’s a sure way to get gains and not hurt yourself. Good luck with meltdown.