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Meltdown Training ?

Started meltdown training last week. First let me say – holymotherfuckingshit!

2ndly – re lunges. 10 reps. That would be 10 each leg, right? But the article says you will travel a distance of about 20-30 feet, which would indicate 5 each leg or 10 total… Better to err with more lunges and less weight or fewer lunges and more weight?

3rdly – I can only handle 50-60% max on some exercises and still complete the sets with no rest as instructed. Is that right?

4rthly - I’m assuming there’s no need to increase the weight during the first 3 weeks since the workload increases by adding sets and rope jumping.

Now you understand Meltdowns alternate name, The Puking Death CYcle…



Anyone been through this program like to throw in their 2 cents?

Btw, which is ruder at the gym – throwing up or just flat out dying? I have contemplated both options during this program.

I did meltdown like 2 years ago and it was a bitch.

lunges, you will travel 20-30 ft because of the length you travel per step. when you do 20 lunges/10 per leg, you’re not only taking one step forward, you’re lunging which is probably more like 2.5 - 3 feet, therein don’s rationale of 20-30 ft.

Puking, yeah, expect to fight back/swallow a bit of it.

50-60% 1rep max, probably about right if you want to complete the exercises in prescribed fashion.

Sucks after taking a layoff and being out of the gym. I’m going to be starting meltdown again in a few weeks.

Might even look at Turbulence training again from CB.

Sorry for the derth of information in my first post. i did meltdown 1 in conjunction with T-dawg 1 about 3 years ago. It was a rough time. once I got fully carbed out and the keto-fog hit i was in rough shape.

The workouts are quite brutal. Very rarely do I think i’m going to need a busket in the gym, but I thought about buying one while I was doing meltdown.

One of the problems i hit was with the Chins/pull-ups. THat is a weak movement for me, so i ended up doing weight assisted chins so I could get the right amount of reps.


Been there, done that. And yeah, it’s a bitch. A productive one well worth the effort, but a bitch nonetheless.

Lunges: I did prescribed number and never noticed how far it was.

?% of Max: Again, I just did it in the prescribed fashion knowing that weights would be less due to the nature (cycling/rest) of the program.

Increasing load: You’ll feel it when it’s time to do so. If your ass isn’t getting handed to you - kick it up a notch!

Good luck with the program!