Meltdown Training

Few questions for everyone about Don Alessi’s Meltdown Training, is his lactic acid interval training a complete workout? if not, what kind of routine should supplement it, and how many days a week should it be done, he doesn’t make any of this clear, well to me at least, thanks.

O you better believe its complete, that workout nearly killed me. You may not be noticing that there is two workouts. An AM workout and a PM. In any case, its all you need. What may have thrown you off is how short the workout is, but it is definitly all thats needed.

Although this is one hard ass routine to do, me personally, didn’t get such great results.

Josh, it is VERY complete. Do the routine 4x/week, as discussed in our e-mail.

Oh, a suggestion: you may want to place squats and deads on different days. After I did this, my workouts were much more productive, and I felt like I was splitting the workload over two days.

Hope this helps.