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meltdown training

I just stared meltdown training and my only question is would it be alright to add some walking(two or three miles)on the off days or even after the work outs. It takes me about half and houor to complete the training, and i have some free time to kill. I am cosidering this because i tend to have a hard time losing fat. I am thankful for any help.

Dude, if you aren’t feeling dizzy and about to puke after Meltdown, then you aren’t lifting heavy enough. Walk three miles after the workout! I’m lucky to make it to my gym bag on two legs for my post workout shake. BUMP IT UP!!!

When I was doing Meltdown Training it was taking me closer to 20 min (4 sets). Are you taking it slower? Or maybe I was going too fast.

I go very hard during the work out and yes i am very tired after the workout,but i have alot of will power and always want to do more.

BTW, he was not lying about you wanting to puke after meltdown, i shake and feel pukey for two or more hours afterwards.

Adam edie–Gorfatron,same man

I don’t think it’s a good idea. At least without having your postworkout shake first. Otherwise, you’ll quickly plummet into some unfavorable test/cortisol levels.