Meltdown Training

I have been looking at meltdown training. I was wondering if it could be used to bulk up a little. It hints at it but I am not sure. I know it is good for cutting down. I am thinking of a three week ball-buster of high cal.,no cardio meltdown followed by 3 week restricted cal on some 4 adec. Does anyone think that it would work. I just want some GH release while bulking a little more.Thanks.

I think it could possibly be used for mass; however I think your degree of success would depend on your muscle fiber composition. If you are predominantly slow-twitch, you could likely gain on a program like Meltdown. Myself…I am fast-twitch dominant and if I stray from the 4-6 rep range for too long I lose a lot of size and strength. And yes, I have done Meltdown (Version 1)…used it for a six-week grueling cut phase. I dropped the last little bit of bodyfat, but upon returning to a heavy weight/lower rep routine, I lost a significant amt. off my 1RM’s.