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Meltdown Training

On meltdown training, do you increase weights or do you stick with the same weight throughout the workout.

During a workout, most people end up having to drop the weight a little to keep the reps up. Throughout the whole program (3+ weeks), it depends on how restricted your diet is. If you are using it solely to lose fat, your strength may go down. If you on a less cautious diet, your strength may definately go up. So, in the long run, your diet and supplement plan will make the difference. During a workout, you will need to judge your fatigue level and ability to keep the reps up.

I know you are supposed to stick with the same weight through. But sometimes you just feel great, and the weight your originally picked is to easy, so you add some more. Currently I up the weight almost every set, just because I have been feeling really. The first time I ever did, I usually maintained the same weight most of the time. I say just go by how you feel.

HA! That’s funny. You can definitely tell you haven’t started it yet. If you can increase the weight the second set, you’re a better man than me. Meltdown was the most nausiating workout I’ve ever done. It took all the fun out of being in the gym.

Im having a hard time keeping reps to 10 let alone increasing weights. If you can easily do 10 every set, then increase weight.