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Meltdown Training

With regard to meltdown training can i expect to lose fat in my midsection or mostly in my extremities. THe article says that it will target fat in the legs and arms, but i need to lose the most in my abdomen. Any suggestions or feedback from those who have used Meltdown training would be great.

pschlick: Unless someone has more up-to-date info, the location and order from which the body mobilizes fat stores is genetically pre-determined. Variations in training may give you the APPERANCE of selective fat loss (due to variations in underlying tonus), but for the most part, we can’t control it.

I had good success with meltdown and fortunately most of my fat came off my gut, however the love handles didn’t budge! So I have to concur with Mufasa that you can’t selectively lose fat. I think fat loss is probably linked somehow to murphys law i.e that part of your body you most want to get lean will certainly not be the 1st place that the fat goes from!

So my suggestion is “just do it” you may be surprised at the results.

What type of diet should i use on this plan to lose the most fat in the shortest amount of time. I am leaving for a vacation in 4 weeks.

Try the fat fast with meltdown training! Make sure you use something to preserve muscle. I bet you could lose at least 12 pounds in 4 weeks if you can handle the bitchiest diet and the bitchiest training routine at the same time…