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Meltdown Training

I want to try out the Meltdown Training program but I am not strong enough (yet) to do the chin-ups or the push-ups at that tempo and reps. Any suggestions on what to substitute?

I would suggest that you do as many pullups as you can whether that be 1 or 5 and then do the remaining reps on the pulldown machine. In substitution of the push ups I would do DB Bench Press.

Dont worry im the same… I just a few, rest for 30sec, and keep going. If you cant do any after you rest, just do remainder as negatives until you’re strong enough to do full chins!!

as far as the chins go,i find along with the studies of charles poliquin,that you could do just negative chins,if you have a spotter or bench,jump up to the bar and do the concentric portin of the mvmt…lower for about 4-5 sec.then as time goes on shoot for about 3 reps.and keep increasing your rep set scheme…for the push ups,i think start with the push ups with your knees on the floor and work with them until your strenght increases…again the concentric portion is accented…give that a try and see how your strenght and upper body power increase

Earld is right on the money. If the gym is not crowded, you could do the pull-up/pull-down number, but you could also just do pushdowns. For push-ups, I would either do DB bench or regular bench press. Just pick a weight at which you can maintain that tempo.

Gravitron pullups (or better yet, get a partner to help lift you at your ankles)…and modified pushups where you alternate between lowering yourself in the normal manner (toes on the ground), and pushing up from your knees.

A couple of weeks ago one of Don Alessi’s trainers said that for the pull-ups, just go until concentric failure and at the top of the last rep, hold it as long as you can or for 40 sec. whichever comes first. I would try not to substitute pulldowns for obvious reasons. Do you have a w/o partner or a spotter? Try them Poliquin style and have them hold your ankles, and you push against them for support, not the other way around. This is the first progression method for those who can’t do regular chins. BTW, I think it’s awesome that you are giving Meltdown a go. Where I live, the adductor/abductor machine is about as hardcore as most of the women go. We need more T-Vixens like you!

I’m the same on the chins and have no w/out partner, what I do is use the bar loaded for squats and from kneeling position do as many as poss unaided then finsh off aided as fatigue sets in.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Sheezz! This is getting ridiculous! We all “know” that chins are better than pulldowns, but if you cannot do the number of reps required, why would anyone think that chins are better than pulldowns? What is the point of periodizing a workout if, by choosing chins, you are NOT periodizing. Best results are gained by varying your workout out–do we at least all agree on that point? Then why would working at maximal strength ALL the time be better than periodizing by using pulldowns to work at higher reps? As for doing negatives after concentric failure, this is a very taxing method that should be used sparingly. So, my opinion, do the pulldowns until you get strong enough for the chins. Now, don’t give me that bull about pulldowns not carrying over to chins. I know from direct experience that it is not true.

Abductor and adductor are the most hardcore for women? Wow. You must live in a place sadly lacking T-vixens. :slight_smile:

But I think you’re right about those dumb exercises. I’m doing them cuz I’m doing Week 2 of Ian King’s Limping and Super Strength programs. I feel so weird about doing abductor/adductor stuff cuz I swear guys there roll their eyes when they see me do that. I’ll be so happy when I can stop doign those two.

TJ another T-Vixen in Progress who knows at least three T-Vixens

TJ…not only is my city sorely lacking T-vixens, but I guarantee you that both you and Jennifer train harder and know more than 90 percent of the guys where I live as well. Hell, the mere fact that you know who Ian King is guarantees that. There’s a big difference between doing adductor/abductor for your reason and the reason most women do them. I did the adductor machine consistently about two years ago only it was on Bill Starr’s recommendation to help the squat…this was before I got turned on to Ian King. Keep hitting it hard…there’s NOTHING sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid to sweat a little hitting the iron!

That is funny because I did Ian’s Bring the Pain workouts (some of the best results I’ve ever had) and was absolutely embarassed doing the abductions. Like you said I could see guys rolling their eyes. (The same guys squatting in a smith machine.)


I’m very flattered by what you said. :slight_smile: I used to do a lot of abductor/adductor stuff, not to help my squats, but because I wanted to “spot reduce”. OK, don’t laugh too hard. LOL. I was very ignorant not too long ago and had no idea what squat was.

But I seriously love T-Mag training. :) I'm glad to have free access to training articles, etc. that can help me become strong and buff. And a free forum to ask questions to other T-men!

Long Live T!



No kidding! Ha! The guy who rolled his eyes at me was doing a 30 lb cable pull down. Loser.