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Meltdown Training

First morning of meltdown, to look so easy, it stomped my arse. i had read a post where someone wanted to substitute BP for pushups. Don’t do it man. just try the program. i barely made it thru the three cycles. i swear i damn near passed out after the second series of dead lifts. 2 minutes seemed like 10 seconds. i hope this program does not cause me to shit a kidney.LOL.

Plus you do dips on another day so that’s probably why he didn’t prescribe bench. Still, those push-up are damned hard after nonstop squats and chins with 3 second concentrics!

This is for anyone who has tried the meltdown training. Do you find it difficult to do this type of training in a weight room with other people training?

Nope, why do you ask?

Just wondering because the dumbell lunges might cause you to get in the way of other people working. Or people might complain that you are using too much equipment at once. I know this would happen in my gym because there is not a lot of equipment to work with.

Week 4 of Meltdown, week 5 of cutting cycle. Sleep has been pretty crappy and it’s caught up with me. I got to my 3rd superset this morning (day 3) and had to lat-pulldown a weight that my ‘arm weight’ could nearly drag down on its own…! My body is trashed! Diet and sleep are a big factor here though. Don’t you just love the tunnel vision though… I tend to get rush about the same time! Hope this is making sense - I just left the gym and don’t feel like I’m thinking straight.

Mark you are totally wasted…:slight_smile:

And no one seems to bother me when I am in the gym but I mostly hang out in the squat rack and because nobody ever uses it for anything but barbell curls I don’t take up a lot of space. I can do most everything right there.

uh! yeah.

Finished Meltdown today, 5 weeks of it and rest week next week, ahhhhhhh. Have got bf check next week and will be interesting to see results so will let you know. The only hassle I had was people nearly kicking or standing on me when I was nearly comotose flaked out on floor at the end of 4yh set. “Oooh that looks so hard, why do something that difficult?”

I have been debating doing a Meltdown cycle and was curious as to whether you are experiencing any level of hypertrophy along with the fat loss. I realize that the panacea is to “get big and lean” at the same time, and I am not realistic. Just looking for some input.


Guys, I have just finished my third week of Meltdown training. At times I struggle, at other times my workouts are great. I was just wondering what kind of results some of you have experienced as far as fat loss gain in pounds or %

Right now, it is to soon for me to tell if i am experiencing anything other than severe arse stompings in the gym. It amazes me each time i work out. so far each session, i have come close to passing out not to mention the puke sensation. you know the one i’m talking about; the hair on your head tingles and it feels like you have needles in your arse. if anything, my system is in shock over this program and is trying to figure out just what in the hell it did to deserve this treatment. if your are not prepared for complete exhaustion, get ready for a rude awakening. i kind of dread the idea that monday is two days away. oh, by the way, i thought i did shit a kidney the other night, but it was just that slim jim guy. later.