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Meltdown Training ?

Is there a reason that push-ups are used instead of the benchpress on first day circuit of meltdown training? If not, would incorporating the BP instead of push-ups be a wise move.?

The whole idea with meltdown is to get as much whole-body in there as possible, and it seems the pushups works more lower/middle body than a bench press does. I’m lucky to be able to breathe at all because of the effort of holding myself still with my abs/lower back. So my suggestion would be to keep it in there and if you must do benches for whatever reason throw a set in as a “finisher” if you have energy left after meltdown. But then again, what do I know?

Tommyboy, the pushups are hard enuf, trust me, esp doing slow on way up, that 3rd set and later 4th is real tough. If you want to make it harder I would do it with 1 hand on a medicine ball, I wouldn’t worry about BP.Akigreg, what do you know? You know how tough Meltdown is!

Heh, I know also that it never gets any fricken easier. I couldn’t finish the workout last night, and this is week 7 for me!

You’re right abot it not gettimg any easier, week 7? I know you’ve had great results but don’t you thonk it might be time for a change? Have you had a week off?changed exercises? In the article DA suggests no more than 6 weeks without at least a change in exercises and I think 6 weeks of meltdown in 1 go is ample.

Usually I stick with a program for 7-8 weeks. I would have stopped meltdown after week 6 but I’m getting rady to go out of town for a trip for a week and need THAT to be my week off. So If I didn’t continue Meltdown I’d be doing one week of something different, which isn’t good. Plus I’m doing -dawg as well and slowly coming off that in prep for a mass muscle gain phase with GVT2000. So, I know I’m diong it for longer than recommended - it’ll end up being 7 1/2 weeks, but it seems to be the best thing to do at the moment.

Makes sense.

O.K. so it seems Benching isn’t a wise move after all. thanks for the input guys. One question though. How are you all spliting this workout. For instance Mon & Tuesday, Off on Wed, Thurs & Friday. Or are you using an every other day approach?

I’m doing Mon, TUes, Thu, Fri. I never seem to be able to make it to the gym on Saturdays or the weekend, so this makes the best sense for me. A friday workout is tough enough.

I’m definately hitting the overtraining stage though. I couldn’t get the fire going and it was a struggle and I hardly had a tempo at all. But I made it through. I’m really looking forward to this next week off…MAN!

M,T,Th,F, weekends off.