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Meltdown Training Times

Juat a quick question regarding the ‘Meltdown’. Currently in the first week and wanted to know what kind of times, others experienced for each of the sections. I’m running about 20-25 min for 3 sets of part A (i.e. chins, squats, push up, and deads) and about 7-10 min for part B (i.e. leg raises, decline crunches)… The times are rough… or rather based on my CDPLAYER display as it belts out a variety of rage filled T inducing tunes… by the way everyone should give the meltdown a try at some point… :slight_smile:

It took me about 35-40 for 4 sets, depending on how much time I spent with my head between my knees trying to breathe :slight_smile:

You seem to be in the right sort of time zone, except you should add about 5-10 minutes for blacking out, puking and cleaning up…

Those times sound about right. But then if you follow Meltdown Training to a T we should all be having the same rest periods and the same exercise tempo, so it should turn out the same for everyone. Personally, I usually end up taking a couple of second breather every 4- reps in the last 1-2 super-sets. Either that or shut my brain down from lack of oxygen… or something of that nature. Ahhh, Meltdown Training, so much fun!!!

Breathing… oh you mean that thing I am attempting to do while counting my tempo, trying to keep what little is in my stomach… in my stomach and listening to gasping voice of my gym partner who just finished yelling at me not to break form… Do any of you guys ever throw in an extra exercise at the end of the last set even though your going blind from a lack of oxygen?.. if so… what?

Once I did a couple sets of bench, and one I did a farmer’s walk. I think I was outta my head.

Be interesting to get one of those small oxygen cylinders, and suck in pure oxygen during the sets. I think I’ve got access to one actually… [ponders thought] Well, maybe that’s a bit ‘too’ much punishment…