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Meltdown Training - The good, the bad, and the painful...

OK, you’ve seen all the good points of Meltdown Training in the article, I’m not going over those again. So, here’s my thoughts on some of the drawbacks of Meltdown Training that you guys may wanna consider… 1. Over-training - General. If you’re on a cutting cycle like I am, I feel that there’s too much volume (for me anyway), especially when you throw in the cardio in the afternoons. When bulking it ‘may’ not be a problem, but when getting ripped you typically don’t get all the nutrients and sleep you need for full recovery. I NEVER go anywhere near failure, and am thinking of reducing the number of sets done. 2. Over-training - specific. When done exactly as per the article (and mostly when on a cutting cycle), this training method is brutal on the lower back and shoulders (especially if you’re doing skipping for your cardio sessions). I can feel my lower back starting to let me know it doesn’t like it, and I expect my shoulders to do the same before long. I’m altering certain exercises to compensate as I feel necessary. I’ll post them here if anyone’s interested, and I’ll definitely put it up on my website I’m making for my current cutting cycle details.

3. Falling on your head. I don’t ever come close to chucking up. I feel the burn at times, but my main problem is just having ANY energy remaining to finish the set. As a result, I usually get very light headed and have tunnel vision. Gets to a point where I’m moving quickly to the next exercise and find myself walking sideways, as I lose my balance and am about to fall on my head… all fun and games. Just something to watch out for. I think there was something else, but can’t quite recall. I’ll post it if it comes to mind. Comments? Cheers.

I am into week 3 and am finding it pretty tough going esp as have a lot of ‘extra’ stuff on (work, part time study, family etc)but certainly haven’t had the physical complications you have. I strained lower back end of week 1 doing squatts as went too low too quick (DUH!) but have still managed to do all workouts and back 90-95%. I actually think back was still weak from IK limping hip dominant w/outs which I found SUPER HARD on my lower back. Diet is low carb, but doing skipping in am and meltdown at lunchtime, will change to whole lot am on Thurs (1/2 way of plan). I find day 1 (squatts etc) hardest from an exertion point (sucking air like a vacumn cleaner) and day 2 the hardest to complete the exercises esp dips. Have you had similar experiences with other programs?

I’ve had experiences that were partly the same on other programs, but not all combined. And I know what you mean about sucking in the air! Those damn push-presses are killer too - keep losing my balance, and I’m only doing the bar by the last set… I haven’t really had any serious complications as such, just a few concerns that problems may arise, so I’m acting on them early. I’m on day 2 of week 3.

Mark, this is my 2nd week, and I’ve been doing fat fast as well. I am going to failure in the sense that my first couple of sets for each exercise get to 10 reps, but the last one (now two) fall short. I don’t do any seperate cardio and I feel like chucking on the day 1 w/o. I’m getting the loss of balance/orientation as well. But it seems to be working, and my arms look bigger even though I’ve lost 1/4 inch off each.

I’m actually thinking of doing Meltdown Training during my cutting cycle sometime before April.
I can see your point on overtraining which is exactly why i’m going to do the Fat Fast diet while on MAG 10 (if it’s not sold out) combined with meltdown. I’m sure it will be fun.
MAG 10 will eliminate the issue of overtraining, at least I hope :smiley:
The light-headed issue i’ve experienced before. Especially when doing some of Ian Kings Quad Dominant routines. I noticed that concentrating on breathing well has helped a lot. It didn’t eliminate the problem but definately decreased the symptom.

I just finished day 1 and I thought that my forearms were going to rupture after the Deadlifts. I also felt fairly light headed after Deadlifts, but walking around helped that out. I admit that my tempo sped up on my last few Deadlift reps also. Anyway, I’m using the Don’t Diet approach because I’ve had great results with Massive Eating. Due to a small gym in our Exercise Physiology Lab, I’ve switched up the exercises and wanted to see what you guys thought.

Monday/Thursday: Close Grip Supine Pulldowns (don’t have the pull-up strenght yet), Cybex Squat Press, Elbows in and hands facing each other DB Bench Press, Deadlifts for giant set 1

Decline Reverse Crunch and Standing Rope PullDown Crunches for superset 2

Tuesday/Friday:Push Press, Walking Lunges, Pushups, Bent-Over Row for Giant Set 1

Twisting Crunches on Swiss Ball for abs

I workout with a training partner and we only have Powerblocks, One Olympic Bar, and One EZ Curl Bar which is the reason I can’t do both Squats and Deadlifts in the same giant set. How have others modified this program to work with their gym? thanks, Jason N.

When it comes right down to it, although for me personally Meltdown Training has it’s drawbacks, it’s still working in combination with a slightly modified Fat Fast. The fat is coming off nicely. No huge loss of muscle either.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling! I just did my first workout of Meltdown and it was bleedin’ diabolical! I didn’t finish! I got about 3/4 of the way through the first part and then sat about 15 minutes to rest and my pulse was STILL 108 bpm! Part of it is a) I just began fat fast today & b) I’ve not worked out in two or three weeks after tapering off two or three weeks (had a big exam to study for). Also, my blood pressure was up quite a bit before I started (probably the norephedrine) and so I didn’t want to push it. (We’ve all had that headache from leg press and increased intrathecal pressure before, haven’t we? I didn’t want to go there again.) I’m seriously considering choosing either the fat fast or the meltdown–do one first then the other–maybe fat fast first and use meltdown as I transition back into carbs. Any advice? I just “went clean” these last few weeks too, i.e. no supplements at all to let my system recalibrate and restore the effectiveness of supplements, so I don’t have any extra testosterone, etc., in my system. Whatever I do, I’m probably going to get some Androsol on top of Tribex and vitex and Methoxy. BTW, that “I think there was something else, but can’t quite recall” was a nice touch (though I can believe it if you didn’t intend it to be)!:wink:

Standing at the chinup bar at 6.00 am has become one of my least favourite things recently! I’m into week 6 and I’m at a bit of a loose end about what to do next. I have definitly lost weight (5 kg) I’ve had to punch new holes in all my belts. Have been doing the fat fast diet for the last 7 days, that sucks the guts out of your energy reserves. Who the hel invented push presses, haven’t managed to drop the bar when I’ve finished each set but I’ve got close

I’ve found my chinups have really improved and I can punch out 10 solid reps per set, get a bit dodgy on set number 4, but that may be due to my fear of chucking in front of the dudes doing endless boring cardio on the bikes. My co-ordination is improving with the ole skipping so I might give the renegade jump rope thing a crack next.

Have to say that it has been a short and nasty program but hey I've had good results so the plan is to change tac for a bit, maybe do some arms and chest then do another 6 weeks before xmas.

Looks like the boys from the southern hemisphere are right into Meltdown with summer coming up. Kiwi, where in NZ are you? I’m in Geraldine, SI but moving to Dunedin in Jan. I’m wondering the same at the end of meltdown, as will have 6 weeks to Christmas after meltdown and week off. May do some rengade as I think this will be a good lead in to it and can adapt that somewhat when on holiday, will be interesting to compare. Don A mentioned doing another lot of meltdown but changing exercises, any ideas? Mark-AUS, you are only using the bar last set of push presses, do you have to drop much weight each set? I have managed to keep same weight thru out, 1st set could prob do 12-13 reps and find I can just get out last 2 on 4th set.

I meant to put in last post, how are we going to get Coach Davies to help with the AB’s? I reckon his approach/training is exactly what they need, would sort out who really wants to be there and then we would see a different attitude on the field.

Glad to hear the program is kicking peoples asses too. I started last week and followed JB recommendation of splitting the surge to a pre/during workout and post-workout drink. The first day I had to make an effort not to throw-up. The second day was alot easier. But…last week I couldn’t get up the nerve to do the first workout twice! So this week I started with workout 1 again and skipped the pre surge and lowered the weights slightly. I was still breathing very hard but was able to finish the workout without feeling nausious. I tooo am using the Don’t diet, diet. On paper this program looks like a piece of cake. . .It’s not! Are you guys doing a M,T,TH,F split? Good post, let’s keep this going.

Hi mainlander, I’m down in Invercargill, small world ! Must be the daylight saving thats got us sooo motivated to do this to ourselves.

OK so if we want to go beyond the 6 week mark whats the plan. Simple option is change the order around. Keep the split M,T, Th, Fri, but probably not that important. Any new program I would do would keep chin-ups, squats and dead lifts so how about

Day 1
Chinups (because we luv em)
Leg press
Burpees (because they tend to always hurt)
Dead Lifts

Day 2
Clean and Jerk
Ballistic Jumping or something evil like that
Dips (because I really hate doing them)
Prone Row

What d ya think? evil enough or a bit tame.
So do we need to find something else instead of decline crunches and hanging leg raises.

Look forward to suggestions, only 2 more times before it’s over.

PS If the AB’s lost the perks and some of the big $$ might make them a bit hungrier to win!

ftf - you’ll just have to listen to your body, although I expect it’ll get easier as you go along. Hyphnz - On each set I have a weight that equates to about my 13 rep max. After the first superset, there’s rarely a chance that I’ll do the same weight, as the energy simply isn’t there. I’m talking glucose/carbs energy here. Each set weight drops from 0% (rare) to 50%. I can rarely finish any of the sets of abs exercises. I just keep going until I fail. And all this is with an ECA stack in me too…

kiwi, where abouts in NZ are you, its always good to see another tman from nz
im exercise science/nutrition student in otago

I just finished my second workout today of Meltdown training. I’ll admit that I am not having as much of a problem with the second day (even with the push presses, I am able to complete all three sets with 135#). It is day one that is killing me. I am finding myself laying sprawled out on the gym floor thinking I am going to suffocate because I cannot breath. What kind of diet seems to be best. I am doing a modified T-dawg for now but more than likely will try the don’t diet approach. Great post, I too agree we need to keep it going

I’m on the M,T,Th,F split. Day 2 was definately easier than day 1. Hey does anybody else ever get ringing in the ears during a workout. It’s happened both times after the 1 round of exercises. It doesn’t last long, but its kinda weird. Anyways, it has been a long time since I’ve been breathing this hard in the gym. Question for you guys: How long are you planning to stay with the Meltdown? I’m planning a 4 week stay. Should be enough to get my bodyfat to 10-11%. Then I’m planning to take a much needed week off for recuperation. I’m planning to do a mass phase again using Massive Eating, but I have not decided on the training style. What are you guys planning to do after Meltdown?
Keep Melting, Jason N.

Trust us mainlanders to be doing something like this, no JAFA’s I see. Kiwi, I was thinking of some whole new exercises but that will be done during rest week, maybe o/head squatts, 1 arm d/b snatches, rope chins, throw in some IK 1 leg stuff, those snatch shrugs Alessi wrote about, sick stuff like that. Crazyeye we will have to catch up nxt year where do you train? I have been to Ydome (?) in Moray Place a couple of times and that looks pretty good. Kiwi I will be in Ing’ll a bit with new job so will give you a yell when I’m down. I can be contacted on my hotmail address as per handle here. Kali, yes doing M,T,Th,F and some very light rope Sun, come on pal suck it up and go for it, I’d say it gets easier but it doesn’t so we’ll just have to get tougher. I might just have to do some renegade for a few weeks so I can compare it to Chernobyl (meltdown).

Sorry, in last post I think I got your handle wrong, from now on I’ll just put LEP.

Well, my shoulders are toast. The volume and lowered calories just proved too much for them. I can feel a chronic type of pain down deep when I move my arms in certain ways, so there’s gunna be a drastic change ahead. Tomorrow I’ll only do three super-sets, not four. Some form of legs only cardio for the afternoon, I’ll think of something. And I think early next week I’ll go to an all-you-can eat restaurant and load up on EVERYTHING! I’ve been perfect with my diet so far, so one meal will probably actually do me good. I’m already upping the calories a bit (unplanned) with a small handful of peanuts every now and then. But I think the main thing is to just lower the volume of training. I’ll keep you all posted.