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Meltdown Training : tempo mistake

I’ve been on meltdown training for 2 weeks now and plan on doing week two one more time before goind up to 4x10. I’ve been doing the exercises with the wrong tempo though :

Squat : 1 second up, 3 second down.

instead of :

Squat : 1 second down, 3 seconds up.

Same with the chins, push ups and all the exercises …

I’m a football player so, I need to work on my explosion. Do you think this tempo will affect the results (losing fat) that I’m supposed to get from that training or is it ok to continue that way ?

your tempo is fine. might even be better. there’s always more then one way to do something.

I think Alessi said the slow concenterics are to increase GH and lactic acid, which he says are key to the effects of the program. He explains this in the original article in detail. However, your diet is going to make the real difference, not the particulars of your training program. Plus if you did the big supersets right, your heart rate was up high and so you got the cardio effect. Probably not a big deal, but Alessi may disagree.

Do the tempo recommended. It will cause you to lower the weight used, but that’s not a problem. ‘Perceived effort’ is a big part of Meltdown.

Thanks for the advices

I’ve been working hard on my diet since the begining of the training. I eat almost only red meat, veggies, tuna, fat free cottage cheese, some natural peanut butter, the only time I drink juice(grape) is when I get back from the gym, along with some glutamine, else, I drink only water. I try to lower the amount of carbs and fat as much as possible.

As far as the workout goes, the first week was realy hard & painful. I’ve been doing the supersets the right way (4 exercises in a row, then a 120 sec. break) but with the “wrong” tempo. The cardio and lactic acid effects were there, no doubts!

I’m planning on doing week 1 one more time, to be sure the breaks aren’t longer than they’re supposed to be (been takin’ up to 4 minutes breaks, it’s now down to 180 sec!

Well, I can see some results (on my second week) and I’m determined to finish up this training.

Will post further results.