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Meltdown Training Questions

Hi all,
i’m 5’7 been bulking for nearly 10 months now and went from about 140 to 180(approx 20 percent bf at the moment) and i want to cut down some of the fat i’ve gained, this has been the first time i’ve ‘bulked’ and i just want to prove to myself that i am able to lose the fat i’ve gained.

Anyway i want to try the meltdown training program and just have a couple of questions about it:

What exercise can i replace the hanging leg raises, decline reverse crunch and Twisting crunches on Swiss ball or hanging leg raises with twist with? I workout in my garage and currently only have a bench, lat pulldown, and dip bars. Any ideas for ab exercises i can do?

Also i dont have a jump rope or rowing ergometer. A jump rope would b cheap and so not so much as a problem but would going for a run (and doing sprint intervals) be able to replce rowing.

Also with regards to diet i’m planning on useing T-dawg 2 while incorporating Berardi’s info, e.g P+C meal in mornings and P+F in the arvo with a P+C meal after workout. Would this work?

Any information and replies will be greatly appretiated.
Also how fast could i expect to see results?
Thanks againe for any help

also i dont have a squat rack so would performing barbell hack squats be able to replace squats?

no suggestions anyone?

I did meltdown the other day and did leg raises (sat on the end of the bench with a dumbell between my feet, knees bent and raising my knees to my chest) instead of hanging leg raise and pulley crunches instead of decline reverse crunch.

I am at a loss to wat to do for the twisting crunches, maybe pulley crunches to the side?

Also still wondering about the hack squats…

…still nothing?

Anyway just wondering is it common to get headaches after doing these workouts? I’ve read that its common to throw-up, etc. and i’ve been getting that feeling as well but i also ussually get headaches during the end of the workout that last for quite some time afterwards

Is it common to overtrain while doing meltdown one.

While following this programs i’ve been getting alot of small colds and flues and i havnt even introduced the cardio on off days. As a result of feeling so shit my motivation has dropped and i dread going to the gym on my workout days. Also as a result of feeling so shit and lethargic i’v been having touble completing 4 sets of the exercieses and ussualy stop after 3 sets and even when doing this i can only keep my rest intervals just under 3 minutes instead of at 2 and take about 4 minutes lying on the ground after completing cycle A and moving onto cycle B.

On top of that i havnt even noticed much (if any) fat loss

I think i’m going to be a pussy and stop and transfer to waterburys 10 x 3 for fat loss…any comments or suggestions?

The ab-work is not the core of the program.

For squats - you can just clean and jerk the bar and lower it behind your neck to get into the squat position. Or use dumbells.

The key is to do all of the exercises - and be very strict on the rest period.

If you are not ready to puke by the end of the workout - you are not using enough weight.

You can uses jumping jacks in place of jump rope.