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Meltdown training questions

Hi guys. Well today I started my 4 week fat loss phase.I won’t be adding thermo’s or anything for 2 weeks. I am taking in 135 carbs on training days from oats and surge. On non -training days I will be taking in 100g . This is for the first two weeks, and will be in conjunction with 1 higher carb day(200g) every 4 days. The next 2 weeks will be 75 grams on training days and 30 off .I’m using Meltdown and I just got done with day one today. Weights were low for me. I aso experienced a huge dip in performance as my grip and my back just got worn out. Did any of u guys experience this. It was very frustrating since i came up very short on the subsequent chin and deadlift reps. This was even after I dropped the deadlift weight to 205(my regular ten rep max is 315). Also did you guys drink Surge during the program, it kinda made me naseous to be consuming anything…should i wait and take 2 scoops after? Finally…I was wondering if consuming Surge would hurt with the fat loss.Yes I read the new JB article, and I understand Surge’s benefits for performance, but would the high dextrose content interfere with the fat loss,especially on a lactic acid program like this?I know John wrote much about its muscle building benefits and i assume this is in conjunction with a good diet for muscle building, but I ws wondering about its use on a fat loss phase, with circuits such as this. Thanks in advance guys, Mike

Any help guys?

Another try with this one

I found the weights used to be quite a bit lower than normal and really concentrated on TUT, completing reps and form, I didn’t have the back probs you describe and actually replaced the chins with pulldowns (blasphemy, horror, burn the bastard!!) to keep with tut reccomendations. Re the surge sorry never used it, not available here, and with the NZ $ at about $0.42 US waaayyyy too expensive for this puppy. I do remeber JB writing about workout nutrition saying to keep that as excellent as you can and to use the rest of day for hard dieting as pre/post w/out was such an important time. Stick with the Meltdown it’s worth it.