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Meltdown Training Question?

Hey Folks:
I am about to start the original meltdown training routine by Don Alessi. I then started wondering if this is an appropriate workout for my goals. I realize it is mainly for burning fat and that is what I want, but my %body fat is 10 at this point. Is this workout only good for people that need to really shed the pounds? I’m looking to just get more ripped for the summer. Hey if I slap on a few pounds of lean mass too I’ll be happy. Is there a better workout for someone who is fairly lean but wants to get that much better or is this still a great workout for this goal? Thanks for any help you can give.

I just finished the meltdown training program and let me tell it’s great. I would reccomend it, just remember besides the workout, in order for the results to be what you want DIET must be perfect.

Anybody else out there tried the meltdown program? Anybody have comments comparing it to EDT for fat loss? Remember, it’s for someone who is already fairly lean.

I did Meltdown I for three weeks followed by Meltdown II for three weeks. Meltdown II is extremely taxing, so get a lot of rest. I had some recovery problems, but maybe you won’t be quite as knocked out as I was.

I felt the program was excellent. I only reduced my calories for the first two weeks and then kept them steady at what I perceived was maintenance levels. I dropped about five pounds (one waist size) and didn’t lose any strength, so I assume I didn’t lose any muscle. I would definitely recommend the program.

For what it’s worth -

I used Meltdown for about a month and lost some weight, but I lost muscle as well. I don’t think I was eating enough.

After the month was up, I switched to CT’s OVT. I used the same rep scheme that he used for his transformation. While doing OVT, I did cardio 3x/week. I lost fat and gained muscle.

My wife did Meltdown and gained muscle while shedding over 10 pounds of fat.