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Meltdown training question

I wanna make sure there isn’t a typo in the meltdown training cardio protocall. It says to do 60 sec. cardio followed by 180 sec rest! That would only be 6 min of cardio over 24 min. Can this possibly be correct? I would assume it should read 180 sec cardio followed by 60 sec rest.

Not a typo. I asked the same thing and it was answered by one of Alessi’s trainers. He said you absolutely have to go ALL OUT on these intervals, but the problem is that those of us that play endurance sports have much better work capacity than the average BB. I play soccer so I have a very high cardio base, so I use 1 min/1 min instead of 1 min/3 min. And yes, jman, I’m busting my ass on these. I use a jump rope for the intervals. Otherwise try Coach D’s Renegade Rope routine. This is hard even for me.