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Meltdown Training : Jumping Rope

I’ve just started week 3 of meltdown training, I had the morning workout and it went okay … later this evening, I did the 6 “sets” of jumping rope (good intensity) 60 sec. rope/180 sec. break (6 times) but I think it was way too easy. All I felt was a little paine in my wrist and calves, almost no cardio effects. What’s up with that ? Am I doing this thing right ? Can I shorter the break times ? Is it the way it is supposed to be ? Any comments ?
Don’t ask me about the intensity, I couldn’t go faster …

Try increasing your “sets” to 2 or 3-minutes with 60-second rest. And try increasing the “sets” from just 6 to 10.

Do you have previous experience with jumproping? That might have something to do with why your intensity was low.

When I say “I couldn’t go faster”, I mean that I was truly going fast …
I thought the break periods were too long … I’m gonna give a try at 8 sets with 2 min. breaks … will adjust if needed.

Try the Air Dyne if you have one at your gym…you’ll be singing a MUCH different tune. This was recommended by one of Don Alessi’s trainers.

I would think that it would be pretty obvious as to make jumping rope more difficult, but here goes. During the high intensity intervals use your legs more, i.e. bring your knees up higher if you’re doing one legged hops, do a “jump” bringing your knees to your chest and passing the rope under your feet 2 or 3 times while in the air.

If you’re looking for a good burn in your calves try doing the rope jumping on something that forces you to work harder. Maybe a folded up blanket or a pad of some sort.

I’m no fan of meltdown. I did two cycles and decided to ditch it. On the other hand, I think EDT is REALLY fun and it kicks my butt hard.

Thatcher, what were the results ?
I’m currently in week 3. I’ve changed my diet a lot since the begining, haven’t mesured my BF% at the begining but I can certainly say I lost a few pounds … My bodyweight is the exact same, but I look much leaner, well, that’s what the mirror says …