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meltdown training II

I was wondering has anyone tried meltdown training II and what were the results? Also, how much muscle soreness is produced from the workouts? I would HOPE not too much since I have just started grappling, of which sessions I have 3 per week.

I’d like to hear a little feedback as well from anyone who is either on it NOW or has done it RECENTLY. It seems like everyone who chooses to do Meltdown always uses the first version. I’ve done Version 1 four different times and am currently doing it now, but I have yet to graduate to the next phase.

I got two sessions along in January, then I went and re-aggravated a back injury of mine doing front squats. That was the catalyst for my current rehab program.

However, what I can say is that I liked the program. It’s an ass-kicker. I think his suggested 1RM percentages are a bit high, at least for someone who gravitates to the fast-twitch end of the spectrum, and/or has a history with O-lifts. As it is, I think the program is more designed for bodybuilders (or slow-twitch/high endurance folks) who aren’t really able to work comparablely high loads, because they don’t have the experience with the lifts.

Anyway, my .02