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Meltdown Training: Exercise Substitutions

In a few weeks, I will go through Meltdown Training I for the first time. Due to lack of equipment, I need to replace the following exercises:

  1. decline reverse crunch
  2. push press
  3. dip
  4. skipping rope

What are some possible substitutions for these?

Here is the equipment I have access to:

chinup bar
wavemaster punching bag
two 10 lb. dumbbells, two 5 lb. dumbbells, two 2.5 lb. dumbbells (I know… barbie weights)
and a home gym where the only exercises you can do properly are the squat, bent over rows, and deadlifts.

As for the skipping rope, I know they come cheap, but I have a low ceiling and I do not intend to train outdoors in the Canadian winter. I don’t have access to any facilities, so my basement is my gym. I was thinking I could replace rope skipping with 1 minute on the wavemaster, or 1 minute of shuttle runs, but on the rest of them, I’m completely stumped.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


i would substitute hang cleans for push presses, dragon flags for decline reverse crunches, floor presses for dips, GPP for rope jumping. GPP is slightly more demanding than rope jumping, but should serve as an adequate replacement. As long as the other exercises are large multijoint movements they should suffice.


Great exercise substitutions, but…
my weights are ONLY 10 lbs. That’s less than 30% of my 1RM. So I think I would have to count the floor presses and hang cleans out :frowning:
As for dragon flags, I can’t even do one. But, what do you think of jacknives or v-ups? would they be a good substitution, or are they too plyometric in nature?

Keep in mind, I still have my bodyweight. So any ideas for some calisthenics that could replace dips and push press?

For GPP, I think I’ll simply do shuttle runs.

I know I’m very limited in terms of equipment, but I would still like to go through meltdown training, given the great reviews it received.

Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

Instead of push presses you’ll want something that’s fairly whole body and explosive, with a bit of an upper body emphasis - how about a burpee / clap push-up combo? Start squatting down with hands on ground, kick feet back to push up position, do an explosive pushup and clap your hands whilst airborne, when you land jump your feet back to squat position, then jump up from squatting position as high into the air as you can, land and repeat.

And just do the dips between chairs or boxes or something, and either tuck your legs up or hold them straight out while you dip (i.e. l-sit).

Do any ab excercise you like to replace the decline crunches… I don’t think it’s really going to matter.

Thanks a lot, Mcham!
The burpee/clap pushups is a great idea! So are the other exercises. Now, my program is complete!

Thanks a bunch!