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Meltdown Training & Diet Combination

After browsing past threads, I note that this has been raised previously. From what I read, conclusions were only tentatively drawn and there seems to be a differnce of opinion. On one hand, Alessi advocates the T-Dawg Diet for use with Meltdown Training. At 100g a day its a low carb diet that might have implications in terms of lactic acid production (or lack thereof) which is the driving force in the philosophy governing Meltdown Training. On the other hand, Jason N. raised the point that carbs are necessary for adequate production of lactid acid and without them, Meltdown could be highly catabolic. The science behind this is sound, but tends to contradict what the author of the program advocates.

I’m about to commence a cutting cycle and am really interested in the best way to eat for Meltdown Training. Currently, I’m thinking a 40P/30C/30F breakdown (10-12x BW in calories) is going to keep carbs low enough to aid in fat loss, but at a level where lactic acid can be produced and any catabolism avoided. Your thoughts, T-Mag-ers?


Poliquin said the same thing during a seminar. When glycogen falls to low Lactate will be affected. That does not mean you need to eat alott of carbs all the time because that would inhibit GH. The key is to have a few high carb meals every 4th meltdown to reload glycogen and keep lactate pumping.

I think your diet looks good. Personally, I don’t think that low carb diets are the only way to fat loss although that seems to be the current thinking from many on this board. I think your calories are clearly set for an energy deficit and you will be supplying plenty of carbohydrates (but not too many) to fuel lactic acid production. Good luck and keep us posted on the support group.

I just completed a modified version of Meltdown Training (I had to make quite a few changes due to my inability to use any leg movements due to osteitis pubis). My workout looked like this: A1) Chins, A2) Bench - 4x10, 60sec rest, B1) Upright Row, B2) Bicep Curls, B3) Tricep Extension - 2x10, 90sec rest. In total, that’s 14 sets of upper-body. Tomorrow, I plan on doing a similar workout with Bent-over rows replacing chins, and shoulder press replacing bench. Is this too much volume? I’m avoiding failure, but four 14 set upper-body workouts seems like over-kill, especially in light of my calorie restricted diet and lack of anabolic support…

Looks fine to me, although I’d go more to the cals at 12x BW.

First day on the diet: 200g protein, 115g carbs, 60g fat. That was about 45-25-30 at 11x BW. Protein and fat from whey, beef, tuna, eggs, and ham. Carbs from oats and post-workout “Surge”.