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Meltdown Training and Diet

What diet would anyone recommend while doing Meltdown Training?

Alessi recommends a low-carb diet like the T-Dawg. The consensus on this board and IMO I would go with Berardi’s ‘Don’t Diet’ found in issue 167’s Appetite for Construction. Keep carbs at 150-200g/day.


I run contrary to Alessi’s recommendations for a low-carb diet while on Meltdown. If (and this is a big if) Meltdown requires significant lactic acid production to be effective, you are going to need a diet higher in carbohydrates. Even if it does not require lactic acid, it still relies on your ability to create energy anaerobically, so there is another reason for a higher carb intake.

If you are really fat (>18%), then you might be able to get away with a lower carb diet, but if you are even moderately lean, you will benefit from a higher carb intake.