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meltdown training 2 is not doable for me

this is the hardest workout i’ve ever tried in my life!!! 15 second rests are just way too short to be performing 90-95% intensity for me. Not only that my body gets blasted neurally from hitting all the body parts. I’m trying to go down from 9% to 6% bf level while holding muscle using t-dawg diet. I’m doing heavy supplements for muscle growth and thermogenesis :slight_smile: . Even while i’m resting in between sets i continue to sweat. Anybody else have ideas on MELTDOWN 2 training? Should the poundages be lowered in between sets to make sure that the 15 second rest period is stuck to? laters pk

Many people have come to the conclusion that Meltdown 1 (I’d assume it continues to Meltdown 2) is better for people with higher body fat levels, and once you get below 10/12%, do something similar to a 5x5 plan.

I really like the Meltdown 2 workouts, but I’ve found that I need a little more carbs than what T-dawg suggests(but try to keep it under 150g). This is also because I play basketball 2-3 times a week and performance really suffers if I take carbs to low. I’ve kept the weights at about 90% except for bench which I had to lower slightly(about 87%) because I usually don’t have a spotter. I try to keep the rest periods to 15sec. but if I take a 20sec. rest, oh well, that’s gotta be better than lowering the weight since your trying to stimulate the type IIb fibers. I also sweat a ton doing Meltdown workouts.