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Meltdown Training 1,2,3

Im thinking its time for me to try a new training method and try to lean up intime for pool parties. I read all these training routines and thought it would be a big change from by 3 day HIT program that I have been folowing for about 10 years!
I just want to hear results from people who did the original.

My Stats
27 6ft
230 12% fat

Goal is to get down to 7-8%. I will be eating a low carb, low fat high protein diet, or a t-man diet. But carbs will be low and protein high.




Meltdown works and Allesi has some really good supplement and nutrition strategies (like 5grams Acetyl-L-Carnitine preworkout for the Lactic Acid conditions and such), but just be warned that you might lose strength after meltdown 1. I like keeping strength, so I have switched to a Thibaudeau approach to cutting.

Can you post a link to that? The seach function is not working on this site.



Hey guys!

I thought this workout was touted as being great! Who here has tried it for fat burning?

I tried the md 2 (ithink) with the powerclean pull ups and bench…
Good to be able to train heavy while leaning out, however im not to sure about how effective it was for fat loss.
Also found alot of lower back volume.
i really liked OVT by CT tho,