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Meltdown to Meltdown II

Hey all I just got done with Meltdown one cycle, my final results were while doing no oficial cardio and keeping my cals on the t-dawg around 22-2300, and doing the workout 2-3 times a week were as follows: starting: 250 and 25.9%BF , and four weeks later 253 at 22.8 %bfI calculated it out and it was somwhere around 8 lbs muscle gain and almost 6 lbs fat loss, the lack of fat loss is prolly due to the fact that when i went home for fall break i had a “Cheat week” and went buck wild. Anyways I did my first workout for meltdown 2 and I like it alot, the only thing is that I dont feel as winded on meltdown 2 or as fatigued on meltdown 2, i was wondering is this normal cause it says its supp to burn alot of cals but I am having a hard time beleiving it cause compared to meltdown I this is a walk in the park, and not very physically challenging compared to meltdown one. I mean i sweat alot and geta litle winded but I feel like after 2 mins rest between supersets i am ready to go again,I need ops as if you all were winded when u did meltdown 2 and i would also like to hear some numerical stats of before and after meltdown 2.


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I don’t know how much help this will be (seeing as I haven’t done MT2) but I know that there was a big difference when I used enough weight to just barely get through the prescribed sets/reps…plus slashing break time in between rounds.

Meltdown II was a lot more fun than Meltdown I… I don’t know about body comp, but I was able to bump my loads a good 15%-20% by the end. Of course, I’m a newbie to OL so it was all nueral.

anyone got any stats or feelings while on meltdown 2?

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