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Meltdown - to jman

This question is for jman, the guy who trains with don alessi in buffalo. i used to be pretty fat (5’9 about 215 no muscle whatsoever) but started busting my ass lifting and some cardio this summer and dropped down to around 180. i’ve pretty much stopped progress at school, still lifting but not as often, and not eating that great (cals are prob. still maintenance though). anyways, xmas break is about to start so i’m ready to go hardcore, and i’m going to give meltdown a go. my question is this… my goal is to lower body fat percentage as much as possible. so i’m wondering if you would reccomend that i cut calories to attain this goal (keeping in mind that it might be hard to do this routine on low cals)? also, do you consider low carbs a must… if so i figure i might as well give fat fast a go. thanks in advance.

try this routine and youll do fine: DAY 1-3 eat 10-12caloriesx your bodyweight in pounds. make sure you eat no more then 60 grams of carbs,and make sure you eat 6 small meals of lean protein a day.(good whey prot. shakes will do for 2 meals) DAY 4: meals 1-4 eat lean prot/veg/flax or fish oil…meal 5- eat up to 75 grams of carbs and nothing else.make sur eyou take in a lot of glutamine and at least 9 grams of fish oil a day to lose fat quickly. and do not substitute the excercises in meltdown training. g’luck!

jman - thanks alot for the info. when you say day 1-3… and day 4, are you speaking of the training days. if this is the case, how should i eat on the off days? also would you reccomend total cals of 10-12x bodyweight for the duration. thanks again, and i can’t wait to get the weird stares from people in the gym.

no…i didnt mean training days. day 1-3 as in sun/mon/tues day 4 as in wed,then start over with thurs as day 1 etc… good luck

JMAN - Just a quick question regarding the chins/pulls in Meltdown. I’m 5’8 215lbs. 20% BF I’m not the smallest or weakest guy around but I have never in my life been able to knock out 10 chins, 4-5 is the most ever. Should I just do the 4-5 I can then force the remaining reps via a spotter? And I noticed you are a HUGE fan of Glutamine and fish oils… isn’t fish oils and Flax oil the same thing??? Which should I take if not both and UDO’s Flora?

you could try this technique…do as many pullups as you can, then for the last one hold it isometricly at the top for as long as you can, or 40 secons…which ever comes first. fish oil is not the same as flax oil. it will promote fat loss by regulating your insulin levels the right way a bit more than the flax will, but to insure you are getting all your omega 3 and 6 you should take both. fish oil also prevnts many health risks.