Meltdown success stories?

wutsup man, i myself injuered my lower and upper back from deadlifts, i am still in on and off pain right now from like 7 months ago ,this pain is very painful at times that it makes me think if i could have sex at times, haha and question my life, i just started working out with movements that cause me no pain or very little and am being treated with activerelease which decreased my pain in the past month to about 5o to 60 percent, i really recomend it, i felt relief within a week or two, siv een to endleess physical therapists chiro practers, physicians etc… active release will help, sometimes the pain comes back like it did yesterday however i was pain free for two eeks straight from active relaese, in addition hypertrophy specific is a good way to train, my bro put me on it and it really helps my back for u start off very light and work your way up for the back to prepare for heavy loads , keep in touch, i feel ya pain man, good luck and i hope u feel better, hahaaa this shiut has really made me into a softer person dude