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Meltdown success stories?

This may have been posted in the wrong thread but I’m talking about the 3-D chest workout, not meltdown success stories, hell if I know what that is. Anyway I know this because hypertrophy occurs when you lift heavy. As the muscles get stronger, they must work against a proportionately greater resistance to increase size and strength. So in other words, lifting 80-90% of your max 1-5 times increases your strength, not doing 15-20 reps of aerobic weight. I also have done the 3-D workout, just once though and I was really sore. I saw the pump in my chest but I’m just a firm believer in lifting heavy getting you stronger, because it just makes sense. But when I’m cutting in about 3-4 weeks and doing cardio, I may make this a part of my bench routine.