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Meltdown - selecting the right weights.

I am about to try my first meltdown cycle, and I’m wondering what kind of experiences people had with selecting appropriate weights for the lifts. I am assuming there is a need to be humble and not take on nearly what you would for the squats and deads if you weren’t encorporating them into such a vicious circuit.

Did anyone find they tried to take on too much and have to cut back? Any rules of thumb come out of the experience for how to ease into it without passing out during the first workout? I know its meant to be brutal, but being too ambitious and only getting half way through seems counterproductive.


I used a 12RM load, and then dropped the weight 10% or so with each circuit within a given workout.

Yeah, the first time I did the meltdown circuit I threw 315 on squats and deads for day one, thinking it would be no problem, yeah right. This isn’t the time to stroke your ego by loading up the weight, go with about 40-50 percent of your 1RM on each lift, and I guarantee the weight will feel twice as heavy by the last set, even though it may feel light on the first. There isn’t any way to ease into it, it’s like cold swimming pools you just gotta jump in. Meltdown worked awesome for me, I did it with crazy fat fast dieting and dropped from 204 to 179 in less than a month, while still retaining my arm and chest measurements at 16.5 and 46 respectively. My waist dropped from 34 to 29, if you do it right you’ll be blown away too.

I also tried 50%1RM and had it work well. But realize that you’re going to be dead by the fourth exercise while relatively fresh during the first one. So you can tweak in both directions as necessary.