Meltdown results please!!

OK folks, can we please hear what your results have been with meltdown training? I’m sure there are a lot of us who are tempted to try and would love to hear how’s it worked for you guys. If possible, can you please also tell what sort of a diet and supplement regimen you followed and what were your stats before/after and how long did you go for? Any and all replies greatly appreciated!!!


sorry this is off the topic of this thread, but yo, JMAN…going from 10.5% to 6.75% in 4 weeks is incredible. Obviously Meltdown Training was responsible for a lot of this, but can you outline the diet you followed for us?

well, i would need alot of personal info from a person to outline a specific diet…but there are 4 rules that will work for everyone. 1:eat maximum 30% carb(i went lower to about 20) 2: use glutamine on an empty stomach along with zma 30 min before bed(growth hormone release)3: eat red meat only 1 time per day max. 4: swallow 8-12 g of fish oil tablets a day

I just started yesterday and I was ready to puke after the workout. I’m doing the workouts in the evening then eating one large high protein, low fat (w/ fish oils) and greens. I hope to get my bodyfat down as well, JMAN, AWESOME results. How many g. of protein do you shoot for per day?? (1/1.5/2g per lb bodyweight?) How much fat do you recommend?? I do better on low fat with just supplementing about 15 fish oils a day, eating lean red meats and some salmon, does this sound adequate?

Hey JMAN, Can you give me more info on how to get in contact with you guys or your associates. I’m really interested in getting an appointment with you guys and get a personalized nutritional plan. There a tons of “Nutritionists” here where I live, Toronto Canada. But I don’t feel like giving them a 1st time fee of $60 just to hear them talk. I wouldn’t mind driving down to Buffalo to just check out your clinic. Hope to hear from you soon.

to get in contact with us, go to one one don alessi’s articles and at the end of the page our contact info is posted. we will be glad to help you out.

Thank you very much for responding!!! Those are awesome results and that sounds VERY good indeed. I definitely will give this routine a try starting at the beginning of next year. And thanks also for those who asked more questions regarding the diet! Actually, I still have a question and would greatly appreciate any input. I assume everyone here knows Berardi’s recommendations for fat loss (in short, 6 meals a day, 3 first only p+c and the 3 last only p+f). I was planning to do this diet at the same time, keeping the TOTAL calorie macronutrient ratios at about 30%/40%/30% f/p/c. That’s a least for the non-workout days. But should I stick with this also during those days I workout? I know the benefits of carbs pre, during and postworkout VERY well but I am wondering how much better would my fatloss be if I just sticked with eating carbs ONLY in the first 3 meals (I workout in the evenings). OR, would it make any sense to do the workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that way the 3 carb meals would be the ones after a workout? And are these sessions so hard that they leave you in a mentally drained state so that you can’t think properly for some time? I am asking this because I work in the IT industry and I have to be able to think during the day, that’s why I can’t do a zero-carb low fat diet, makes me too stupid. Sorry for the long post, once again, a big thank you for everyone who participates and of course to Alessi, Berardi and T-mag!

It depends where you were when you started. It is much easier to achieve that in four weeks if you had 150 lbs when you started than 250 lbs. :slight_smile:


I have a couple of questions based on my first experience with meltdown. I started at almost 220 lbs with a 42+ waist. I couldn’t tell you my bodyfat exactly but I would guess it was close to 25% (chest and belly mostly).

I was on the Fat Fast and did it for 35 days. My waist dropped from 42+ down to 37 inches. I started feeling incredibly lethargic from the lack of carbs for so long and couldn’t event get through the last wave of Meltdown. I stopped Meltdown and Fat Fast and gradually introduced carbs back into my diet slowly while increasing calories slowly.

I am eager to begin Meltdown again and get down to the BF % I’m shooting for, 5%-7%. How should I change the diet so that I can lose the fat, but not get myself so drained? I was consuming around 1500 calories a day on fat fast.

As for supplements I used T2 and MD6 during that time. I have 3 bottles of MEthoxy and have been on it 2 days now. I already feel fuller, but that's most likely the carbs.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve run this thread 5 times but know one replies hopefully you guys can say something. I’m going to give meltdown a try but what I don’t understand is that in week 3 it says you can do this “death circuit” in the mornings of your OFF days. What does off mean? Does that mean I can do a weightlifting scheme let’s say in the afternoons of the opposite days of my meltdown training. The article led me believe that this workout was incorporating both areobic and anareobic exercises into one and that’s all we do through the 4 or 6 weeks you do this. If you can do a regular weightlifting scheme, what your guys opinion on what should my exercise, sets, and reps be to make the best out of the program. Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback.

based on what you wrote, i would say you are totally off as far as your diet is concerned. if you are over 200lbs, 1500 calories will surley cause you to go into a catabloic state(muscle wasting state) The general rule of thumb as far as total calories one should consume while on a fat loss program is 10-12x bodyweight. you should therefore consume 6 meals a day, of 300-350 calories a meal, no more than 50 grams of carbs a MUST consume flax oil and fish oil if you are trying to maintain energy levels while on low carb diet.(up to 30g flax, and 10g fish oil) that is why you were “drained”, not because of the lack of carbs, but because you were not eating enough calories to support a prepubesent female! try to eat 4 good meals of lean protein and veggies and 2 protein shakes (only protein)a day for now plus your essential fats 3-4x a day and you will not only get thru meltdown training but see awesome results.

nonono. no weightlifting routines with meltdown(unless you like bedridden illnesses) it means ENERY SYSTEM INTERVAL TRAINING on days that you are not doing the weight training circuits. the interval training is 60 seconds of hard sprinting…180 sec rest for 3-6sets. try it and youll double your fat loss!

I have been using Meldown Training for two weeks now with good success. I’m currently at 12% bf at 211 lbs. I keep my protein at 330 grams, fats at 85 grams & carbs at 180 grams. As I progress with this program how should I change the diet to lower my bf levels and when do I make the changes. Thanks Mark

Heya Meltdown mofos, I’ve been on the program 2 full weeks and am supplementing with Andro/Nandro combo (70 sprays 2x a day), Betastatin’s Tetracal-EF thermogenic, Twinlabs L-Carnitine (the one decent thing ever to come out of Twinlabs), Biotest ZMA (spectacular sleep), and I’m on the T-Dawg diet (Yeah being a human chemistry set!)Next week I’ll be switiching over to Methoxy and possibly M after cycling off the Andro/Nandro.
Thus far, I have lost about four lbs. of fat, and I’ve gained about 3-4 lbs. of solid, Asskick grade muscle. This program just rules. I do have one question for those of you who are slightly ahead of me. After completing week three, do oyu opt to start again at the “week 1” plan, or do you continue to do the AM/PM routine proscribed for the third week? Thanks. Lata.

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Thanks JMAN-perhaps doing the Fat Fast diet and Meltdown was a bit extreme. So if I am understanding you correctly. With cals at 10-12 X BW, I should consume no more than 50G of carbs daily spreading them over 4 of my meals and 2 meals come from only protein (no EFA’s or carbs). Is this correct? In another of your posts you recommend these macros for day 1-3 and on day 4 a different set of macros including a carb only meal during the day. Is this a pre or post workout meal your referring to?

I will plan on taking in 1g of protein per lb. of BW. If I need more or less please advise.

My last question is concerning the workout and the number of supersets in weeks 4-6. Should we keep the same routine as in week 3 for the duration or should we add supersets each week?

This is a great program and luckily for us you are here because many of us have had questions on the routine and the appropriate diet for awhile.


Yeah, I just wanted to say that I was doing my “Day 1/week 3” MD trianing the other day and I came closer to puking then I’ve ever come before during a session. I only completed 4 reps on my final set of reverse crunches, as completing a 5th would have rendered the walls of my room several shades of half-digested Isopure. I’m out. Lata.

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I did Meltdown to the letter, keto diet, lots of thermogenics, DIDN’T lose a heap of fat. It was ok, but I suggest doing a little more cardio.

Ive been training 5X5 for near 5 weeks now. Im planning on starting the growth surge program but I was thinking of doing the meltdown training first as Im at about 15%+ bodyfat and would like to knock that down a bit before going to bulk up in growth surge. What do you guys think? I also have mag10 for the growth surge balls to wall phase.