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meltdown questions

hey guys i got a question concerning meltdown training. i get a really bad case of doms a few days after i work out, meaning when i get to the 3rd and 4th workout of the week i can barely move. I’ve been forcing the workouts but was wondering if i should skip them?

So far I’ve been on it for two weeks now and have gone from 176 to 180 with a calorie deficit of 700 calories completly natural.

I also got pretty damn warn out from Meltdow. Have you tried spacing out the workouts more, eating more protein or consuming a bit more carbs?
I’d say only that continuing on while only doing two of the workouts would slow your progress…a lot.
Oh yeah, did actually mean you went down from 180lbs to 176lbs?

No i havent tried spacing out the workouts more throughout the week. So far i’ve been doing them mon,tue resting on wed and continuing with thurs and fri with sat and sun as rest days. Next week i’m planning on doing the routine every 48 hours to allow for more rest.
I wasnt kidding when i said i went from 176 to 180 in two weeks. I think that i gained weight because i just came back from a layoff since march and still i’m relativly new to the iron game (I started lifting this time last year)
My diet looks something like this: I’ve roughly been taking in about 2-2.5 grams of protein per lb of my current weight. And i’ve been eating relativly clean. My diet consists of tuna, chicken, veggies, and a mrp. I drink nothing but water and green tea. But other than that i dont really watch what i eat. My rule of thumb is lots of protein, little to no junk and dont overeat.

your getting doms because your coming off of a long layoff, that is expected. the good thing is it will go away soon on its own, or you can decrease intensity.

usually when you come off of a layoff you should ease back into training, to avoid such a problem.

This is going to sound weird but do a full body workout 3 times a week. Start with low intensity and low volume. Over 2 to 3 weeks work up to medium intensity and volume. Don’t change the exercises over this peroid unless they are giving you problems. This helped me so that now I don’t really seem to get doms anymore from any type of workout. Maybe it will work for you and you can go back to Meltdown. If you want a workout close to what I mentioned try HST. Ciao. :slight_smile: