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Meltdown Question


I've started meltdown this week. Workout Alpha about killed me and workout Bravo showed me a whole new level of intensity. The three second rep speed is definitely something to get used to. I found myself wanting to do everything faster, perhaps because my HR was increased....


In workout Bravo the second excersize is the walking dumbell lunge. I supplemented that movement with seated unilateral leg presses because of the instability in my left leg (ACL reconstruction back in April, some of you might remember my complaining about it before)

Is it OK for me to do this? Will I be getting the same sort of benefit from the presses as I would with lunges? I attempted the walking DB lunge when I was warming up and felt like a newborn fawn trying to stand up for the first time. The unilateral presses felt a lot more controlled and I was able to increase my ROM and bring my knee up more towards my chest.

Should I consider doing the lunges later or should I stick with the presses?

I don't know maybe I'm just mental, but squats and leg presses I'm ok with. That walking DB lunge just threw me for a loop that fucked with me hard.

Any assistance would be awesome.



Never hesitate to modify a program in light of your personal contraindications.