meltdown/push press

i just got in from doing day 2 of Meltdown and my very first go at push presses. i just used a bar to try and get the move down…then i added 10lbs and stopped there. by the 3rd set i was thinkin’…‘ok these are harder than they look’ :wink:

i wish i had someone to critique my form a bit but from what i’m seeing i’m not totally butchering the move.

i think i’m getting the hang of the program now tho. wasn’t as pukey today…it’s squat day that really gets me wanting to hurl. but if the weight is supposed to be 90% Max then i’ll be raising the poundages some after i get the push press down a bit better. great program!

The weight should not be a 90% max. Check out Alessi’s Iron Dog article in Iss 194, there he recommends a 15-17RM (A weight you could lift 15-17 times) for Meltdown, if your doing the slow eccentrics this will feel heavy enough…

Ok, to check your form go to the following website and click on exercises. Then click on shoulder. You’ll find push press under P (strangely enough)

There’s description, illustration and a video if needed.

Very helpful site.


Are you sure you’re not referring to meltdown II? That’s the one that requires 90% of Max. I don’t recall there being a push press in that one though.

I used 60% of my 1RM for Meltdown I.

Check out

I had never done push press until meltdown. One thing I noticed in my form was that as I got tired, I would arch my back on the lift.

Also rememebr to explode up and slowly lower down.

Push press is now a favourite exercise